The Cruise

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6 thoughts on “The Cruise

  1. Hello… you’ve done a bloody awesome job with this game. Is there anyway I can see the full screen of the game on mobile? I can’t see the far right of screen and miss a few things I can’t see.

  2. We, my wife and I, are impressed with the graphics and animations in this game (and the hot story of course). But we miss the ability to play it in full screen mode on the computers. (On my wife’s 17 “laptop, the game window makes up about 45% of the screen and the same goes for the larger screen, 24”, for my game desktop, and that unfortunately applies to all games). Is there any alternative setting, which we missed, to be able to play in full screen mode?

    In the first part of “The Cruise” we also get a little annoyed at that little thing in the lower left corner that partially covers the game window. If we click on the red X to close it, a new log in window will open.

    1. Hi Lennart,

      Thanks for the feedback – it is greatly appreciated.

      The banner at the bottom left was a legacy from a version that I was promoting on a free site. I will remove it today as I now have a new promotional version.

      As for full screen, it’s a bit difficult to do as it is hard to make it secure to Patreons only. Also if you go to full screen, the maximum quality of the graphics is 800px by 600px so it would reduce if you expanded to full-screen on a 17″ laptop. A may decided to increase the size of the game for the next series, but I would need to do some re-coding of my game engine to do this.

      I will see if I can add a full screen mode in part 3, maybe even if it is a ‘no distractions’ mode where the rest of the site is blacked out or dimmed.

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