The Control Room – Episode 4

The series comes to an end as the crew race to resolve Tobias’s issue by getting him to confront his demons. Alice has her final test, will she pass?

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10 thoughts on “The Control Room – Episode 4

  1. Hello is anyone else’s having this problem because this is really annoying whenever I’m playing any of the control the room games when I’m almost at the end something happens to the website and I’m brought back to the title screen the only reason I was able to finish the first control room game was because it allowed me to skip to the bonus scene

    1. Hi, can you let me know exactly which scene and which games this is happening? I have no other reports of this issue, but happy to look into it. Also, what browser and device/operating system are you using? If I can recreate the issue I can fix it.

      Thanks Arnii

        1. Also another problem though not as big as the one I stated it’s also very anoyying it happens sometimes right after Alice is done being dpd she just stands there and you’re stuck

          1. Ok, that sounds like it may be an error. The only thing that will tell me what is happening is the browser error log. Which browser are you using?

        2. Hi,

          None of my games up until now have been optimised for mobile. It’s something I plan to do for future games, but it’s not easy. I suggest, if possible you play on desktop/laptop.


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