Big City Campus

Big City Campus sees Lucy and Hannah reunite in college. This game features greatly enhanced graphics compared to the Haunted Island series, and some of my favourite scenes.

Important Note: This was my most ambitious project to date, and was easily the technically sophisticated game to date – as such it may contain some bugs or may not even work on your system

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4 thoughts on “Big City Campus

  1. My wife and I have played this game a couple of times now (and we love it). But we keep getting stuck in “the game in the game”. We have not been able to figure out how to get that Strom character to cum. There is nothing to indicate how close he is to the climax and we have always ran out of time/”spell” trying. We think those green and red arrows at the top right have something to do with it, but have nevertheless not succeeded yet.

    We also wonder how it is indicated when the criteria for unlocking the bonus scenes have been achieved. (

    1. Hi lennart,

      Thanks for your comments. Truth is Big City Campus was a very ambitious project and the code doesn’t always work. It was a great learning curve for me, but the reason you can’t pass the Strom scene may be technical – and not to do with gameplay.

      With the bonus scenes, I honestly can’t remember. I do have links to the scenes, when I have a bit more spare time I will post them here.

      Thanks to you and your wife for playing. Really glad you enjoy the games.

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